Technical Seminar [Strategic and Economic Aspects of the new Last-Miles: LTE and FTTH] by Dr. Roger Abou-Jaoude

Tuesday, November 13, 2012 - 12:30
AUB, ELH– Engineering Lecture Hall

Dr. Roger Abou-Jaoude,
Technical and Business Consultant

This seminar will cover the strategic and financial considerations for rolling-out new technologies for the last-mile: LTE for the wireless access and FTTH for the fixed access. Both technologies have been introduced, standardized, tested and rolled-out in limited quantities in mature markets, with emerging markets still considering the technico-economic feasibility.
In all cases, understanding the financial implications (on Operational Costs, Capital Expenditures and Revenue Generation) is of primary importance to network operators, regulators and governments. Moreover, the existence of legacy technologies poses a dilemma when considering swapping old equipment, upgrading existing networks and the availability of terminals at mass market prices.
All those aspects are related to strategy making and will be introduced in this lecture, starting with the basic building blocks of financial models for LTE and FTTH, derivation of key indicators for strategy setting and decision making, typical benchmarks from leading network operators and strategic considerations such as competitive analysis, evolving market dynamics, segmentation, operational capabilities and Innovation potential.